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When I’m not taking pictures, I can either be found at home just enjoying being a wife and mom, at a local coffee shop editing photos or at the office where I work part time for Middleburg Real Estate and Atoka Properties.

I’m a mom of two boys (Cal & Theo) and therefore can probably tell you all of the important things about trucks and tractors. I spend my free time exploring the woods for the perfect new fort location, playing trucks at the park or collecting rocks and sticks for some incredibly important project in the back yard. In the none-kid free time, there is nothing I like better than to head out for a relaxing evening with my film-maker husband, Ian Reid who never ceases to inspire me! One of our favorite traditions is our annual trip to NYC to see a show on Broadway and find the best places to eat and drink coffee! We go every year to celebrate the day that he proposed to me, but that’s a story for another day.

As a photographer, I love capturing life and saving memories! A photoshoot isn’t done until we find that spark of excitement in your eye or the deep emotion of love in the way you look at each other. I specialize in family, kids, and lifestyle photography and only occasionally take on a wedding. I can’t wait to meet you and spend some time getting to know you!

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